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123Movies is the service that is bringing you free movies to watch online. First of all, you can just search for any movie or tv show you want to watch by using the form. We have a huge database of movies and TV shows. If you want to watch the top IMDB movies, we got it, if you want to watch a movie by category: Horror, Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi ? We got it! After you find what title you want to enjoy, click the middle play button. Sometimes you’ll get ads before the movie starts playing. On the top right you’ll have the button: „Server List”, you can use this button to change the source of the video and get what source of the movie you preffer, some sources have higher resolutions, some have subtitles (or the ability to add subtitles) and some sources have higher download speed so you can watch without buffering. After you chose your source, you can watch the full movie or tv show. If you want to skip all the hassle, or there are no sources available you can watch the selected movie in High Definition by clicking on the „Watch in HD” button on that page. And after you’ll sign up, you can enjoy that motion picture in HD and also, all the other movies and tv series.